Time to roll out your Yoga mat !

Yoga for the Soul live @ 9am (est)

Young or old- yoga has the power to calm the mind. The benefits are endless: increasing strength, flexibility and a great stress reliever. Yoga encourages you to relax, slow your breath and focus on the present moment.

Monday         Wednesday         Friday            

$15 per class- Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Monthy Subsription: Access to all of Maria’s Virtual Yoga Sessions: $75

A link to the Zoom Virtual classes will be sent to you once you register- Please register by 7:45 AM for daily classes!

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We live within the space that our achievements are the result of luck rather than our ability and perpetuate that we will be exposed as a fraud. When we feel as though we’re a fraud, we tell ourselves that everyone else is more capable, more intelligent and we’ll be exposed so we must work to cover it up! Does this resonate with you? If so, this is where you can turn to your yoga practice to help find a healthy balance between trusting yourself and overcoming self doubt.

The heart and soul of yoga is Practice not perfection. Yoga, especially as a beginner, can be very humbling. If you’re a perfectionist, you’ll strive for the perfect alignment and frequently find yourself unbalanced and frustrated…..A desire to be perfect isn’t bad/wrong, but it can create stress and limitations in all areas of your life. This belief stops us from trying new things and more importantly making mistakes ….because through error is how we learn.

Yoga puts our journey into perspective. Each day you come to your mat, you accept where you are and bear witness to the growth and what we practice on the mat we carry into our day to day life. So I challenge you today if you find yourself working in overdrive ….get on your mat to recenter, refuel and Trust you are wildly capable…..Breathe in the out and know you are loved and in the right place. Namaste xo1

1 on 1 Private Yoga/

Group Yoga

Maria will come to your space or have a virtual session with you and your pod of people. You choose time and location! Bring your mat and let’s feel healthy together!

Health Coaching

Get healthy and happy! Maria will guide you towards a wellness lifestyle. Customized programs for you! Become the CEO of your health!

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