Herkimer Diamond Crystals

Herkimer Diamonds are double terminated Quartz crystals, usually small in size and found in Herkimer county, in upstate New York, USA. Herkimer Diamonds are powerful amplifiers for the energies of other stones. They can help you to simply be, enhancing spontaneity. They are often called the Stone of Attunement, and can be used by healers to attune to clients. They can store information for later use and bring clarity, truth and inner wisdom. They initiate a deep inner transformation of self, and assist with dreams and inner vision. Herkimer Diamonds are powerful tools. They both receive and transmit energy with their natural double terminated configuration. They have an incredible energy and are a powerful attunement stone. This is true for especially the smaller, exceptionally clear stones. The energy of a Herkimer is a fantastic tool for all psychic and spiritual work, including telepathy, clairvoyance, channeling, trance channeling, meditation and communication with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Herkimer Diamonds energize, enliven and promote creativity. They can clear all Chakras and open channels for spiritual energy to flow.

The Herkimer Diamond is a precious stone that boosts your vitality and energy. Whenever you feel like you need more strength and power in your life, this precious stone is going to help you become stronger and much more certain in your decisions. On a physical level, the Herkimer Diamond stands out as a good remedy for pain, since it provides an analgesic effect. If it is placed on the part of the body that hurts, it allows the energy to flow until the discomfort disappears several minutes later.

The Herkimer crystal should always be aligned horizontally on the body. It is a rock crystal variety that has a similar structure to diamonds. In combination with a green color stone, it allows us to see if the partner we are looking for fits in with us or if the partnership is just out of habit. Combined with an amethyst on our forehead, we can clearly see whether future contracts are really fair, and whether we really need the item on which the contract is based. These characteristics of the Herkimer diamond can be experienced in conjunction with color stones on almost all our chakras.

Herkimer Diamonds are a powerful purifier, they can release the toxins from your body, regulate metabolism, stimulate the immune system and prevent exhaustion. This magical stone is also related to the release of stresses and rigidities of body tissues. They can give you all the necessary protection and support to achieve the goals you have set up for yourself. They can be is your faithful guide and help in moments when you need support and a bit of magical help. Believe in the power of this powerful stone and you will certainly be happy.

I enjoy wearing my Herkimer Diamond earrings when I need a little uplift in energy.  I have them in my yoga studio to increase the energy vibration.  They are good in the bedroom and anywhere else in your living space.

For more information or to purchase ,please e-mail: info@mariamckeon.com

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