Wellness Tips         

5 Tips for a Wellness Toolbox

  1. Have a plan...Having a plan is the first step and sticking to it is first and foremost. Your important self-care is healthcare for your mind, body and soul.

  2. Have an accountability partner or community - because they will keep you on track even when you don’t wanna! Plus you can give them motivation when they need it, which motivates you even more! #winning

  3. Do it for your kids - they watch everything you do and when you take care of yourself with your fitness, food and overall wellness, they take note. You don’t want your kids growing up with the same struggles around food and weight that you have, right?!?!?

  4. Follow people who inspire you, not trigger you! There are a lot of accounts on FB or IG that are fluff, that aren’t showcasing REAL motherhood. It’s tough balancing it all - so surround yourself and your newsfeed with accounts that inspire you!

  5. Don’t beat yourself up -- instead lift yourself up. Whenever I miss a day or have a treat meal or treat day, I dust it off and get right back on! I know one day is not gonna ruin my progress. I also know that a week doesn’t either, but a week can turn into a month, which can turn into a year…. Yo

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