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Summer is a beautiful time to start to eat better,move more and learn to manage our stress healthier. Maybe you want to eliminate an old habit and spend time prioritizing self care. The time is now to add more to your Wellness toolbox. Here are just a few tips I have found to make a difference in my life.

  1. Create a plan, routine and get an accountability partner to help support you. Working with a health coach and trainer helps to guide you along your path.

  1. Focus on movement- just moving your body does wonders for your energy, mood and attitude. Getting out of our heads is valuable . Physically moving the body, walking, running, any and all types of exercise that focus on overall health and well-being. The number on the scale is not the determinant of your health

  2. Functional nutrition - Nutritious foods fuel your brain and body so they can perform their best. Mostly eating a whole food, plant based diet and eliminating processed foods is what I recommend to most of my clients. However, you are the CEO of your health and your body is unique to you. Exploring different types of diet protocals can help to find the best for you.

  3. Dropping the need for perfection ! Perfection is a set up and isn’t possible...progress is a better way to cultivate healthier habits and achieve the desired outcome with aiming to do your best instead of absolutism. I recommend creating a vision board, quotes, mantras sprinkled around your home for motivation and inspiration.

  4. Involve others in your life - Summer is a wonderful time to gather and enjoy activities with others and grow your network to enhance your life and health in general. Journaling is another tool to help you express your thoughts and to track your progress. Host a group of friends to a walk, workout and journaling you will be surprised with how much you will gain from this gathering.

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